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Scotch, dancing and rainbow coloured bracelets

The stories from the streets of Delon

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Read Koko rant. Rant, Koko, rant.

Now under friend's lock, and mostly about dolls.

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anime, anime music, apocalyptica, archeology, art, ball jointed dolls, black, blind guardian, blue kirby, boa, books, boots, bpal, building stuff, cake, canada, captain jack sparrow, cats, cerberus project, cg, chop sticks, cirque du soleil, classical music, coffee, coheed & cambria, comic books, computers, cooking, cowboy bebop, creating characters, cuddling, d&d, d20 modern, daydreaming, deadlands, delon, den of angels, den of demons, digital cameras, dir en grey, dogma, dorian & mint, douglas adams, dove, drawing, dream of doll, dvds, escaflowne, excel saga, family guy, final fantasy music, fire, food, friends, gaming, gay rights, girls, glasses, google, grave of the fireflies, green tea, house, hugs, ibc cream soda, ice cream, iced coffee, icons, internet, ipod, irony, j-rock, japan, johnny depp, kaliaethi, kingdom hearts, lain, laptops, legend of zelda, libraries, livejournal, lush, manga, marmalade boy, memoirs of a geisha, migidoll, monty python, movies, mp3s, music, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, nerds, nightmare before christmas, nightwish, nintendo, original characters, overstuffed chairs, photography, pictures, piercings, pinky:st, pirates, please save my earth, potc, pulse, quiet, rain, ramen, reading, rhapsody, richard underhill, rocky horror picture show, role playing, sarcasm, sleep, sleeping, smartie, steam punk, stew, stewie, stories, stripes, sushi, swimming, taking things apart, tattoos, tea, tempura, the simpsons, tim burton, tim roth, time, transmetropolitan, travel, trigun, two-mix, vanilla, walking, warren ellis, watchmen, water, watercolor, web comics, world domination, worldbuilding, writing, writing stories, yoda, yoko kanno
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