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2020-03-16 02:42 am

Friend lock

So, I decided to friend lock my journal. While I don't usually care what people say (since I figure no one is interested), there ave been some people who have added me that I don't really care for, and I want to say f-u to them.

So, from now on, comment here if you want to be added. Tell me how I know you and from where.

This journal also has a few filters:
Close friends

With the exception of close friends, let me know if you need to be in one of the filters.
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2009-06-14 09:00 am

Doll Spam 2: Parc Mont Royal

Took advantage of one of the really nice days while [profile] maltec_spider  was here to go over to see Parc Mont Royal. Unfortunately it was full of kids, but we still got a few nice shots.

Rest under here )
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2009-06-04 09:30 pm

PSA: Mijn Schatje

So, we've all heard of Mijn Schatje?

Well, I hadn't until last weekend when she was brought to my attention through a doll forum. One of the users through her art looked a lot like specific ball joint dolls.

Turns out that she's been tracing the faces of these collectible dolls. Some of the pictures are so damning that people have proven eyelashes and strands of hair to match up.

But it gets better...

Turns out that she's lifted the rest of her 'art' as well, tracing poses from Audrey Kawasaki, taking clip art (Dover perhaps), random internet pictures and copying Totoro from studio Ghibli.

More information is here: http://www.radiotrash.org/mijn/

The users of two well know doll forums (Den of Demons and Den of Angels) have been getting in contact with the doll companies, galleries where this 'work' is shown and magazines that have published articles on this 'artist'. So please don't send these people an angry email, the last thing we want is for people not to take us seriously.

For those of you as disgusted by this as I am then you can help spread the word through DA, Twitter, LJ, art communities or Facebook.

The twitter message and tag is:
Artist Mijn Schatje seems to be no more than just a lowly art thief, what are your thoughts? http://tinyurl.com/l4vy5m #mijnschatjetheft
(Just need to remove the spaces)

The Facebook group is:

Another way to help is to find the original source pictures of anything that you think might be stolen and send the image(s) to the contact email on the information page set up.
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2009-05-11 10:49 pm

Doll Spam 1: Abadoned brewery

As most of you know, DOA user Xi-feng was here for a couple of weeks and we got to hang out and be geeks. And take loads of pictures...

First outing was with Lochness at an abandoned brewery near downtown Montreal.

I do think that Smartie has a thing for creatures with awesome smiles...

Only slightly disturbing with the lack of visible eyes.... :doh:

Rest are here: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?t=294857

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2009-04-28 09:50 am

(no subject)

Doll Meet

We'll be meeting at Berri-UQAM at 1:15 and deciding what we'd like to have the location there. Since some of you won't have bus passes we can meet inside at the round thing so no one will need to waste a ticket getting in.

I'll be sending you guys a PM just to remind everyone where we'll be meeting a couple of days before.

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2009-04-23 05:56 pm

Doll meet locations

[Poll #1388954]Please let me know that you'll be coming, I'll put up a second post closer to the meet date with the final location. [Poll #1388954]
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2009-04-05 11:23 am

Doll Meet

Doll meet is going to be Sunday May 3rd.

Will be poking those of you who don't say anything in the next little while.

Not sure about a location but if it's raining I was thinking Universite de Montreal if  we could get it, otherwise maybe someplace out doors? Hate to be cliche, but we can do the botanical garden if it's nice, seems to be a yearly spring tradition.

If we keep the meet small I might be able to suggest my place, but it's not really all that central for most people.

So, suggestions on locations will be welcome. =D
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2009-03-06 07:09 pm


Doll Meet.

We're having one.

The first weekend of May. Either the 2nd or the 3rd depending what is best for people (we might be able to do Sunday, April 26th, but Xi might be jet lagged still. But, I want everyone to come, it's been ages since I've seen a lot of you and seen your dolls.

Plus, Xi-feng, (aka [livejournal.com profile] maltec_spider ) will be in Montreal and staying with me for a couple weeks, so it makes sense to show her all the awesome dolls with have here. Right?

I'm not sure for the location, depending on how many people say they can come, but I might be able to offer my house, otherwise perhaps the University de Montreal? We might be able to do Mont Royal if the weather will be nice. No matter what, I'll likely stop at Yuki's bakery beforehand for yummy red bean buns and other snacks.

So, thoughts, ideas, promises of booking the day off? =D
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2008-08-20 10:29 pm

Last call~

Last call for the Dollmore order.
Going to be placing the order on Friday probably, and so far only Lochness has stuff.
(Lochness I'll send you a PM on DOA with the amount and shipping and my paypal.)
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2008-08-14 08:53 pm

Dollmore order

Anyone in Montreal (or the surrounding areas) looking to jump in on a group order? Smartie needs things like socks and underwear and shoes and I need an eye beveler for Dorian (Gar D< )

Might also be interested in a Sunny's world group order as well. Since sunny has clothes for Smartie. x.x
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2007-04-05 12:50 am

Another public entry

Got it...

I also got pinkies